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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

The Main Thing is the Main Thing (BHRT)

What is LoveJoy Hormone Clinic all about? We believe that you make the “main thing the main thing“. Meaning, we focus on the primary objective of helping people discover what their hormone levels are currently at. This includes both scientific (blood labs) and anecdotal (how you feel) testimonial results. Combined, our providers have thousands of patient success stories that have changed people’s lives through Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy! In medicine, this is exactly where we, LoveJoy Hormone Clinic want to be. Helping people become happier with balanced moods, stronger muscles, and being well rested.

Here is what we know. When talking to either a potential patient or a new patient, we can ascertain if they are candidates for hormone therapy. With as much experience that we have, we know that they should have the blood labs drawn to back up what we believe we already know. However, we don’t make guesses when it comes to managing our patients. We back up every procedure with pre, post, and annual blood labs to ensure we are following proper protocols. This is because every patient is different and it isn’t a “one size fits all” methodology in what we do.

The truth is that blood labs tell us a lot about what is going on with a patient’s hormones.

For women, the labs will show their estrogen and testosterone levels (primarily). With men, we will know their current testosterone levels. There are several other areas that we review in a person’s labs to discover what is going on with what their blood. Some of these areas will determine if a person is actually ready for BHRT or if there are other circumstances that need to be addressed.

This is why we offer a FREE Consultation with every new patient. So we can educate you on what is going on. We have resources on this website to get you started, but the real knowledge comes when we can sit down with you to explain what your blood is telling us. Matching that up with how you feel is a wonderful combination.

It is really easy to get started. Simply click on the red button below to make an appointment with our New Patient Coordinator. You can also call our clinic at (480) 795-7721 to make your appointment. This will get you started as a “New Patient” and we can then set up your blood lab draw right at our clinic (if you like). If that is not convenient, then we can send an order to have your blood lab drawn at a place of your choosing. While we get you scheduled for your blood labs, we will also schedule you for your FREE consultation with one of our providers. Here is where you will be educated on what is going on with your hormones. There is no obligation to purchase anything from our clinic! But you will be better informed on where your hormones are at.

Pellet Therapy

With Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, our clinic uses “Pellets” for the therapy. These are small pellets (about the size of a “Tic Tac”) that are formulated for both estrogen and testosterone. We use only top grade FDA approved compounding pharmacies to create our pellets. What is absolutely wonderful about pellet therapy is that it is ALL NATURAL. This means there are NO pharmaceuticals involved with the actual therapy.

Here is what happens. After being educated about your specific hormone needs and if you are a candidate for therapy, you can choose if you would like to proceed. During your consultation, your provider will explain what is involved with the the 5 to 10 minute procedure. Right after your consultation, you can get the procedure completed immediately.

Your provider will give you a slight anesthetic on either side of the fatty area of your upper hip. Your provider then makes a small incision and the pellet(s) are inserted into the fatty are of your hip. It is covered with a “steri-strip” and then off you go!

Over the course of a few days, your heart pumps blood past this fatty area and your blood absorbs the natural estrogen or testosterone into your blood stream. It’s kind of like licking a lolly pop, over time, the lolly pop gets smaller and smaller. For women, this averages about three (3) months and for men, about six (6) months. Then, you come back to our clinic for another procedure.

Joy Melby – Medical Director BHRT Introduction Video

FREE Hormone Therapy eBook

Want to discover more about BHRT? Get our FREE Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy e-Book. This eight (8) page book explains more about how hormones work for both men and women. Plus, it gives insightful information about how we manage hormones through the services that we offer.

Simply fill in a couple of boxes and click on the submit button. We will automatically email you the eBook so you can start discovering what we already know. Truly, it is the secret to fixing what is a problem for so many people. Once you have read through the eBook, set up an appointment with our clinic. We would love to go over any of this with you in person.

After you take some time to discover what’s inside our BHRT Ebook, why not set up your FREE consultation?   You can either call our clinic at (480) 795-7721 or book your appointment online (via the Red “Book Appointment” button).  We would love to explain to you in person more about what we do and how it could help change your life for the better.

Book your FREE consultation today – a $185.00 value!

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

(Core Service)

Weight Loss Program

At the LoveJoy Hormone Clinic, we provide more than just Hormone Therapy treatment. In fact, all of our providers are experts in both Hormone Therapy and Weight Loss!

Our goal is to provide medical services that make our patients better, stronger, and happier. This means our programs are designed to provide a better quality of life for our patients.

Our weight loss program is custom designed by our providers, depending on our patient’s needs. Some patients would like to loose just a few pounds while other patients would like to loose tens of pounds.

If you have tried several other programs or you are struggling with losing weight, give us a call. We offer a FREE Consultation with a medical professional. We can see you soon to get you informed and on the right track.

Our clinic is friendly, like coming to a home, and we truly care about you! We want you to succeed and be happy! Check out our current patient reviews below. Our patients love coming to our clinic and we believe you will too!

Call us today at (480) 795-7721. We can schedule your appointment soon!

Watch this quick video by Debbie Bartine, one of our Family Nurse Practitioners here at LoveJoy Hormone Clinic. Debbie explains the overview of our clinic and what we offer our patients. We provide weight loss programs and Hormone Therapy for both men and women.

Call us at (480) 795-7721 today!

Want to learn more about our Hormone Replacement Therapy program? Request our e-book below. It explains everything you need to know to get started.

Our expert knowledge about Hormone Therapy in this E-book!


With our FREE BHRT E-book for both Men and Women.

Other Core Services

Medical Grade Supplements

For our patients, it is important that we, as a clinic, help them feel the best that they possibly can. We begin with optimizing their hormones. Then, we can assist with helping them control weight gain and dieting. But we also provide several medical grade supplements that we believe are the best in the medical business.

One of the wonderful aspects of being a patient with us is the relationship that you acquire with your provider.

They really care about you and your quality of life. In fact, our providers take pride (respectfully) in the fact that they have patients that they can care for. This includes ensuring your day to day vitamin intake, digestive track health, and other internal aspects of your body is getting the care it needs.

Envision this. With a car, it is really important that it has engine oil, parts lubricated, and interior kept clean. The same is true for a home. Keep the landscaping manicured, interior clean and well maintained. Let any of this go and things start “falling apart”.

This is why we offer supplements that make a difference. Our providers will recommend certain supplements based upon what they feel is right for YOU. They are not sales people, they are looking for ways to ensure you have an optimized life.

Obagi Skin Care Line

As we age, so does our skin (obviously). So if our hormones are optimized and we are feeling great, why do we look in the mirror and point out areas of improvement?

Each of our providers are Master Certified with Obagi skin care products. In addition, most of the staff here at LoveJoy Hormone Clinic use the Obagi line because we believe in it.

We feel great and we look in the mirror and it reflects that. This, in effect, is the “whole person” approach to medicine. Keep in mind, we have chosen medical grade solutions that you simply can’t buy at any department store. It is a quality product that requires a medical provider to offer it and they require proper training on their products.

Once you become a patient with our clinic, we can explain to you the benefits of the Obagi line and where it could best be applied for your use (if at all).

Looking good is only possible if you feel good.

Set up an appointment today for your FREE Hormone Therapy consultation so you can get started with any or all of the services that we provide here at LoveJoy Hormone Clinic.

Call us today at

(480) 795-7721

Our Patient Reviews

Marcia H.
17:56 18 Jun 21
Janie Jones (Janae R.
22:41 17 Jun 21
I absolutely love the exceptional customer service I have received. Super flexible with scheduling. Clean and cozy office space. All of the staff are so positive and kind!! Highly recommend going here for weight loss and hormone replacement needs 😁
jeff A.
20:31 14 Jun 21
Katie A.
23:55 11 Jun 21
This place and the staff are AMAZING! They have helped me tremendously and are so accommodating, compassionate and attentive. Highly recommend to anyone struggling with learning more about their hormones...they will get you back on track! I'm so happy I found them, they have been a lifesaver!!
Desiree G.
18:33 11 Jun 21
Caryn H.
22:27 09 Jun 21
The staff is so friendly and helpful. They put you at ease and make sure they've answered all your questions
Tina K.
21:50 07 Jun 21
Georgia B.
00:16 05 Jun 21
Missy V.
16:50 04 Jun 21
It is life changing! If you are not feeling good, go in and see how your life can change today.
Wendi L.
22:47 03 Jun 21
michelle O.
15:48 03 Jun 21
I love this place!! The NPs are wonderful, and very knowledgable. It helped me get my hormones back on track, which helped with loosing weight ,sleep and overall I feel better and calmer. Best of all no Hot flashes. I have recommended to several friends and they are happy as well with the results.
Lynn Mulleady B.
20:13 02 Jun 21
Do yourself a favor and go.😊
20:10 02 Jun 21
Mary R
19:54 02 Jun 21
Such great, personalized service. Thank you Paula!
Laura K.
02:13 02 Jun 21
Nicole L B.
20:37 01 Jun 21
Debbie is so understanding and open to anything I bring up during our visits. We don't realize how many categories in your health that hormones effect you. Had my 1st treatment and it has been life changing. I feel better all the way around. Will continue this treatment as long as I can.
Barbara A B.
00:12 29 May 21
Mida K.
01:18 25 May 21
I have struggled with my hormones for over 30yr. I have tried every kind of HRT and I was never able to find a balance. Joy has helped me find balance for the past 5yr. I would highly recommend her to everyone who is needing hormone replacement therapy!
R F.
14:28 23 May 21
I have been going to Joy for years. When she left her previous clinic, I was devastated, as I was only going there because of Joy. I Googled her and was...
Scott T.
00:26 22 May 21
Painless blood draw, really! Great clinic. Great staff! I have been getting male hormone pellets from Lovejoy for a year and a half. I couldn't be more satisfied. Joy and her team are just magnificent to work with.
Stephanie Y.
12:51 21 May 21
Such a great experience with kind, knowledgeable doctors!
999 G.
00:08 19 May 21
Bita Galvan A.
23:38 18 May 21
I was referred to Lovejoy Hormone Clinic, and have the same experience each visit. From the front office, labs, to office visit - I’m treated with kindness and excellent service. They ask questions, listen and have truly helped me attain a better quality of life. Highly recommend!
Karine E.
06:40 15 May 21
Scott L.
00:03 14 May 21
Joy always spends time
with you and is very engaging. She is also very informed and truly takes an interest in your goals. Highly recommend LoveJoy clinic !!!
Ixtchel C.
19:24 13 May 21
Danna McIntire L.
15:07 13 May 21
Changed my life! Been using bio identical hormone replacement for 14 yes & love it! 💕
Cheryl M.
18:32 08 May 21
The staff at Love Joy Hormone clinic are very friendly and made you very comfortable. Thank you for such great service! I highly recommend them!
Kaycee J.
21:44 07 May 21
I have been going to joy for 10 years for my pellet, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Their service is amazing! HRT is truly life changing!
Melissa “Mel” A.
20:45 07 May 21
LoveJoy Hormone Clinic is the BEST! I got referred by a friend who I noticed had help from them after menopause! And the difference was BIG in her! So when I tried LoveJoy, they dialed in my numbers by consistently checking my blood. And after just a few months the difference in me is amazing! More energy, muscle mass, no more hot flashes and more mental clarity! I'm SO grateful for them and have referred other friends, and even get discounts for the referrals!
Lea T.
19:42 06 May 21
Amazing experience with a very knowledgeable staff and doctor who cares about all aspects of your health. It feels like family gathering when coming in to get my pellets not so strange drs office.
You’ll love the results.
Melissa F.
22:46 05 May 21
Michaela H.
21:53 04 May 21
Truly kind and efficient, but did not feel rushed.
Mary D.
17:09 04 May 21
Debra C.
19:11 26 Apr 21
Debbie Bartine is great, as is Michelle. I am loving the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. I feel better than I have in years would highly recommend this clinic.
Christopher C.
19:51 23 Apr 21
Wow, after a month with the pellets, I can feel a difference. I bounce up in the morning, ready to go to work. I seem to have more energy and generally feel better in all aspects.
your B.
02:22 23 Apr 21
Front desk is very friendly, great customer service and cares for patients.I had some scar tissue from a surgery, and they took special care to make sure I got the proper placement of the hormones that I needed.This was my second time getting the hormone replacement, and I definitely noticed a difference the first time I got them, energy level better, hot flashes were gone.Thanks so much!I will be returning 😃
Kevin C.
20:25 22 Apr 21
So far so good.
Therese W.
01:12 20 Apr 21
Best service ever, highly recommend. You will be feeling 100% again. So stop with all the home made remedies and let them help you get your vitality back
Sue R.
20:05 17 Apr 21
Garrett L.
23:34 14 Apr 21
Always nice to have the test results reviewed and explained before implanting the testosterone pellets. Procedure is quick and painless.
tricia K.
23:30 12 Apr 21
Since my first visit till now my experience has been stellar! I recommend them to everyone I know that could benefit their service!
Sandy W.
18:10 31 Mar 21
Great people, very knowledgeable, wonderful caring atmosphere!
Debra J.
22:59 29 Mar 21
I’ve been getting my pellets for years from Joy, the difference it makes in your daily life on how much better you feel is unbelievable. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get you pellet sooner.
turbo L.
16:39 27 Mar 21
So far so good. Great staff, lovely facility. They were able to get me in promptly. Have not received pellets as of yet but have had them before from a previous provider. I also like the fact the the staff are Nurse Practitioners. I will update my review after treatment.
Tiffany A.
19:14 26 Mar 21
All of the staff is amazing and knowledgeable. Received the hormone pellets about 4 weeks ago, and started feeling a difference within a week! Highly recommend!!! 🤍
Cassie Maddux De Z.
22:45 18 Mar 21
the whole staff is amazing! super friendly and always a great experience!
Emily P.
17:27 16 Mar 21
What a wonderful experience ❤The staff is sooooo much fun! Relaxing environment, drinks and cookies while you wait, very knowledgeable. I look forward to going back soon!!!
Dana T.
02:50 13 Mar 21
What a superb experience. An inviting, warm and friendly office staff. The provider was informative and listened to my concerns and questions. Her knowledge and confidence was reassuring for a new patient. I am thrilled that I made this choice. Will be returning for follow up appointment soon.
Michael D.
19:10 08 Mar 21
Mike N.
17:14 08 Mar 21
The entire staff is experienced, kind and helpful. My wife and I are both going and I can already see it's going to get our hormones where they need to be. Great place. 👍
Kimberly S.
22:19 22 Feb 21
20:49 18 Feb 21
LoveJoy has great staff who are always there to answer any questions. They have a clean office where there’s never any wait!
Eles G.
23:09 16 Feb 21
Kimberly B.
21:54 16 Feb 21
When I walking in the office it felt comfortable and welcoming. Every person I was in contact with was so pleasant and knowledgeable. I look forward to a great relationship with all.
Wendy F.
23:00 15 Feb 21
They are always so very nice at this office!
Cecil S.
20:29 15 Feb 21
Vanessa B.
22:42 11 Feb 21
Great experience, great place!Everyone was so nice!
George B.
19:36 09 Feb 21
I would HIGHLY recommend this clinic to anyone looking to improve their overall well being and vitality for life! Front and back office staff are a pleasure to interact with. Joy will answer all your questions with a very open and honest approach. Jon is a great resource for male patients to interact with for the benefits of hormone therapy for men. Overall, A great experience and I can honestly say, I will be a patient/customer for life!
Angie D.
20:54 28 Jan 21
Everyone in the office is very welcoming and warm. The environment is calm and relaxing.. (and immaculately clean)! They ran on-time; and even with all the questions I had, I never once felt rushed. Looking forward to returning next week to review my lab reports!
Jacque F.
16:48 27 Jan 21
Sharon K.
23:17 26 Jan 21
Such a fantastic experience! I was originally going to try a different hormone replacement doctor but when the staff was unfriendly, I called here. Everyone was beyond nice and very punctual! Just an AMAZING experience! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Patty V.
17:42 26 Jan 21
Kat D.
01:12 26 Jan 21
Very positive and friendly environment. Easy Process for checking in.
David K.
18:47 22 Jan 21
Tammie H.
22:52 18 Jan 21
Very friendly and fast! Thank you 🙂
Daniella O.
16:57 16 Jan 21
I highly recommend Lovejoy Hormone Clinic. I have referred so many of my friends and patients to Joy Melby. She is the best clinician I've ever been to. She treats every patient like her own family. She always has your best interest in mind. Her office is very professional and very modern and clean. Joy is always ahead of the game when it comes to the latest and greatest in medicine. I continued to refer my friends and patients because I know they will feel so much better after having their hormones balanced. Joy is someone you can trust 100%. If you are patient and give your body a good 6-9 months of therapy, I guarantee you will feel like a new person! You will notice changes with your hair, the softness of your skin, your mind fog will disappear, your muscle tone will become more define, your bones will be stronger, and not to mention your increase in libido! You will not be disappointed. I promise!
Grace F.
21:01 15 Jan 21
Everyone in the office is so caring and professional. The office feels like a spa, beautifully decorated, clean and relaxing. I would recommend Love Joy clinic to anybody who is looking to feel better and have more energy.
Kelly H.
19:55 14 Jan 21
The entire staff very welcoming. Everything was fully explained. The very small procedure was painless and quick. My provider was very knowledgeable and honest. It takes a few days for the treatment to kick in and each day should get better. I'm looking forward to feeling great!
Angela Talley K.
17:49 13 Jan 21
They are SO friendly! They make you feel comfortable and really listen to what you have to say! I feel confident in my success because they have given me the tools and info I need!
Donna M.
22:49 12 Jan 21
Such a difference in my life! Wonderful, caring staff. Can praise them enough!
20:19 11 Jan 21
I really recommend this clinic for your needs. Michele was very informative, answered all my questions, was up front about the pricing and benefits. So far so good on my consultation no money out of pocket and did a blood draw as well!
Lisa C.
12:43 11 Jan 21
Thank You Love Joy Clinic! My symptoms came on quickly and were very debilitating- no energy, very bad hot flashes which were very dehydrating, and heart palpitations(very scary). After my blood draw it became clear that my hormones had plummeted. I got my pellets last Tuesday so it's not been a week yet but my symptoms are almost gone already. My hot flashes have decreased by 75%. I have energy back and everyday is getting better and better. I so appreciate your help. I feel like I'm getting my life back.
Graciela M.
21:06 09 Jan 21
Thank you, Joy & everyone on the team!Been with you all for the past year, & how you all have helped change & transform my light & energy!Having so much in store for the future, I’m just so grateful & thankful, for all of us to be together on this journey!I highly recommend the most organic & natural remedies that Love Joy has to offer!!!Like you said, Joy- “a real game changer!”And boy, am I “LOVING this game!” 🙏🏽💫😊
02:03 09 Jan 21
Beverly M.
00:31 09 Jan 21
Brenda O.
00:21 09 Jan 21
I was feeling tired, irritable, low energy, hot flashes and depressed.
My experience at the clinic was very warm and friendly from the time I came in till the time I left.
I ended up getting the pellets and a B12 shot, I know I just got the pellets today, but I feel like I already have more motivation to do things.
I came home and hung a few pics I been meaning to hang!
Linda C.
22:39 08 Jan 21
Just had my blood drawn today and I couldn't feel it at all. Great job!! No waiting time.
Nancy H.
22:46 07 Jan 21
Barb M.
23:19 29 Dec 20
Lacey F.
19:41 23 Dec 20
Very open, honest staff. Welcoming and warm. The fact that office visits and consults don't cost anything, just treatment is amazing!
C W.
03:20 22 Dec 20
Joy is an amazing practitioner and I have trusted her for years! She gets it! She is seasoned and has always provided the best advice.
Deb G.
22:09 18 Dec 20
I have been a patient of Joy for 5+ years and had a great experience visiting Joy’s new LOVEJOY CLINIC! It is beautiful, and Joy, as always, was happy to see me, informative and flexible. Right on time. Hormone pellets are the way to go!! Deb
Michelle F.
13:12 17 Dec 20
Yas B.
00:29 17 Dec 20
I’ve been seeing Joy since August of last year when I began receiving hormone pellets. I always find it to be an easy process whether I’m going in for lab work, her consultations with me or having my pellets inserted. I was in today again and the staff from the moment you walk in the door you’re treated as though you’re family, and it’s just one of the easiest processes with one of the greatest benefits one could experience. So many of us suffer with hormonal imbalance as we age, men and women alike. If you’re over the age of 40 you should come in and get things checked out. I know Joy and her staff will take good care of you. I’m a registered nurse of over 30 years and I am extremely discerning. You can trust these folks.
Pierce J.
21:54 09 Dec 20
Really nice and helpful staff. Not to expensive either!
Elaina H.
17:35 09 Dec 20
This has been a game changer....And all the office staff of fantastic!
Regina O.
19:04 01 Dec 20
Everyone is very nice they all greet you an make you feel very welcome. My favorite place ❤️
Karla Voigt M.
21:09 23 Nov 20
First of all I love the staff. They are always so friendly and on time. The office is always neat and clean. And the pellets do wonders for me. I used to have terrible hot flashes but not anymore.
Therese W.
23:36 21 Nov 20
Don T.
01:24 20 Nov 20
Friendly, personable and professional! Joy and her staff are the best!!!
Michelle Hurd P.
00:59 18 Nov 20
Great medical service and advice, Beautiful office, And Knowledgeable staff
Jan R.
18:44 17 Nov 20
Joy and the staff at LoveJoy Hormone Clinic are wonderful. Always call me by name and genuinely appreciate me coming to their business. Highly recommend Dr. Joy Melby.
Ken L.
19:08 16 Nov 20
It’s always a blessing and a pleasure to go into LoveJoy. Everyone there are so pleasant to deal with.
Sandy Hofheins P.
01:22 14 Nov 20
Love this place that are very knowledgeable in hormonal replacements. I feel 20 years younger
Deb E.
22:39 13 Nov 20
I’ve been going to joy for at least 5 years, she is amazing...and the pellets are worth every penny! I would absolutely recommend LoveJoy Hormone Clinic
Kathy S.
20:53 13 Nov 20
Great Medical Practice to straighten your hormones out! I’ve always struggled with many side effects of hormones being imbalanced. LoveJoy Medical has amazingly Balanced them out. I feel Great!!
Alicia E.
02:24 12 Nov 20
I had a pleasant and informative first visit at the Clinic. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I'm looking forward to seeing some positive results in my health!
Sharon W.
22:14 04 Nov 20
I have really enjoyed my experiences so far at LoveJoy Hormone Clinic. The practitioners are so friendly and knowledgeable. I feel cared for and valued by all the staff who I have encountered. I feel blessed that I was referred to LoveJoy Clinic because this is what I've been needing for a long time; I feel like I'm finally in balance for the first time in many years. I have been telling all my friends and family, anyone and everyone that they need to check them out. You won't be disappointed.
McSassy M.
22:10 04 Nov 20
The practitioners at Lovejoy Hormone Clinic are very friendly and professional. I always feel valued and cared for. I feel like this has been the step I've been needing to take for awhile and I'm so happy that I was referred to LoveJoy Clinic I feel like I am finally in balance. ☺ I am recommending them to my friends and family.
Tol C.
00:20 04 Nov 20
The staff is always so cheerful and helpful and never any waiting. Almost makes getting your blood drawn pleasant...almost.
Traci S.
17:54 30 Oct 20
Super fantastic staff!! Very welcoming and they truly care about their patients.
Quiet Storm X.
00:40 30 Oct 20
Dr. Joy as we lovingly call her is now out on her own able to steer the course of her medical practice. I lost her for a bit while she set up her own shop. I missed her tremendously! I cannot say how ecstatic I was when I finally found her again! Extremely personable, great support staff, knowledgeable, quality results driven. I could go on and on. I'll leave it at she has a life long client. She helped me through the worst menopause symptoms flashes, night sweats, dry and itchy skin, insomnia, mood swings, zero sex drive, foggy mind, depressed. In a single visit I never had another night sweats or hot flash again. All the other symptoms also went away in time. She is a Godsend! May she be blessed with excellent health, long life and a very busy practice! She is much needed and a gifted healer.
Amy G.
21:36 16 Oct 20
Joy is wonderful. She makes the appointments easy and painless. She is great at explaining all the hormones. I was so happy with my results. The last two weeks before my appointment I was like a kid waiting for santa.
Extremely Happy, Thank You!
Carol E.
00:27 16 Oct 20
Danielle I.
21:32 14 Oct 20
I would recommend LoveJoy to anyone that is going thru menopause. They were all so helpful and informative with this process. This is one of one hardest things as a woman to endure but they were right there to help me with ease and care!! THANK YOU ALL❤
Jessica U.
19:07 14 Oct 20
Jamarys H.
16:59 14 Oct 20
Joy is amazing. She cares about her patients and will answer any and all questions
Renata V.
23:08 12 Oct 20
My husband and I went in for our free consult. Debbie is great. We are very much looking forward to starting our therapy. The process seems seamless!!
Tol C.
21:09 06 Oct 20
Everyone was so friendly and made their best effort to make me feel comfortable. Paula Nelson was so thorough in explaining options and procedures. I'm sold on their service!
Tol C.
15:30 06 Oct 20
Everyone was so friendly and made their best effort to make me feel comfortable. Paula Nelson was so thorough in explaining options and procedures. I'm...
Red O.
22:37 05 Oct 20
I love Joy! Her office staff is helpful and friendly. My husband and I are both so grateful to have found her after getting bioidentical hormones elsewhere.
Willie R.
14:41 02 Oct 20
As a patient, I am thankful to be seen by a staff that cares about my overall health.
If you looking for caring professional people to address your health and visit the office.
You will be glad and pleased that you did....Thanks
LaWanda M.
20:23 30 Sep 20
Friendly knowledgeable staff!
Manuel D.
19:17 23 Sep 20
Joy, is great at what she does. She listens to you and comes up with a plan to help you. I have seen her for many years. Makes life better.
Chad C.
18:57 02 Sep 20
Great experience ! We were able to sit and discuss options with Joy, she was patient with us and explained the benefits and expectations with us. The staff was friendly and helpful.
Heather D.
02:41 27 Aug 20
Rachel V.
00:04 26 Aug 20
I see Paula and she is great. She listens to any concerns you may have. Her bedside manner is great.
Sandra P.
13:49 22 Aug 20
I am so happy to have found Lovejoy clinic. After doing hormones for 10 years I have not had a better experience then I had with this place.
Anne B.
22:05 21 Aug 20
LoveJoy Clinic is so professional yet friendly. It is a wonderful experience every time.
Nanette B.
17:30 06 Aug 20
I LOVE JOY and her Clinic.Been worth her 5 years..Dr Tutera. Founder, 30 some yrs as my OBGYN.Pleeeeese do yourself a GREAT service and go see Joy...I'm...
Eles G.
03:10 30 Jul 20
Julie W.
20:54 29 Jul 20
Friendly, knowledgeable staff with fantastic customer service. I needed to change my appointment and left a message. Even though it was after hours, a got a call back that evening and was able to change my appointment. Joy is an incredible listener and NP. I feel great.
Rita M.
21:20 28 Jul 20
Kandice K.
17:11 28 Jul 20
Lori B.
03:34 20 Jul 20
Joy made my initial consultation comfortable and clear on BHRT. The clinic is open the 3rd Saturday of the month to accommodate work schedules.
Toni M.
17:57 17 Jul 20
Excellent clinic!! Very knowledgeable and friendly!
Lora Barbee D.
22:08 16 Jul 20
Very professional and kind people. I'm hoping this works for me I will let you know in the future.
Jeff M.
17:20 09 Jul 20
Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Amanda M.
18:07 24 Jun 20
Paula is amazing and very helpful. She listens to what u have to say and answers any and all questions you might have. She is very personal able and makes u feel comfortable. Thank you for all u have done so far I will definitely be using u guys again
Cyndie L.
18:45 22 Jun 20
The male phlebotomist is outstanding, cordial, patient and makes the blood draw process easy and painless. Excellent experience!
Tiffany B.
15:51 20 Jun 20
Best thing I’ve ever done! The staff at Lovejoy Clinic are great.
FIona H.
03:25 20 Jun 20
It was a very professional experience. I also felt very comfortable from start to finish. I am so excited for my consultation next week to find out what my solution is...
Robin B.
01:28 20 Jun 20
Monica De A.
21:09 17 Jun 20
This clinic has an amazing staff and Joy is so caring and very experienced in what she does. I recommend this to anyone wanting to feel better!! ❤️
Janet R.
21:08 08 Jun 20
Duane C.
18:57 08 Jun 20
Sharon L.
11:10 05 Jun 20
LoveJoy Hormone clinic is so amazing. Patients get covid tested. Saw Paula for the first time and she was really kind and helpful. Go in for a free...
Jon M.
21:04 02 Jun 20
Lori C.
03:25 30 May 20
Joy's been keeping me balanced for the last few years. She's one of those rare medical practitioners whose bedside manner is as excellent as her industry knowledge. Great energy - relates very well to both men and women.
Corinne A.
14:56 21 May 20
Deanna S.
10:25 11 May 20
Highly recommend this clinic. The doctor is very thoughtful & caring. And the front Office Manager, Michele, is great with followup & details. I felt very...
Karen B.
21:54 01 May 20
Fast efficient and the pellets work
Kristin Carnibucci P.
21:31 01 May 20
I always look forward to my appointments wit Joy. Her clinic is professional and everyone is courteous. Never a complaint!
Julia Chesser V.
04:13 21 Apr 20
Love this place! They were easy to talk to and discuss options of hormone therapy. After one set of hormone replacement pellets I feel so much better! It is so wonderful to get a good nights sleep and have energy to get things done. After 65 both of these are tough to find!
Anna W.
18:57 17 Apr 20
Joy Melby is such a joy to be around. She takes the time to listen to your needs with Hormone issues and weight lost and gets you on track to meet your goals. I would recommend her clinic to any woman or man who wants to start feeling energetic and young again.
Norma I.
20:48 16 Apr 20
Their office was easy to find. Michelle, at the front desk was very friendly and courteous. The doctor took her time to explain everything AND to answer questions, address concerns. All this and the cherry on top were their prices... EXCELLENT! Very affordable!!!
Ann H.
04:00 10 Apr 20
They are the best ❣️So nice and helpful in so many ways, I’m so glad a friend recommended her office, I tell everyone to go there. You will not be disappointed at all, nice location easy to find😊
Dawn G.
17:48 02 Apr 20
Very nice and caring staff. Lovely looking office, very clean, warm and inviting.
Randall R.
23:35 20 Mar 20
Professional services in a comfortable and inviting environment. Dr Melby is warm and explains the process with great compassion and a genuine desire to help others achieve optimal outcomes!
Dene M.
19:04 13 Mar 20
I’ve known Joy for several years and am so delighted to have reconnected at LoveJoy Hormone Clinic. So excited and looking forward to getting my hormones straightened out and lose weight 🤗❤️🙏🏻
Rashawn W.
07:19 13 Mar 20
The clinic is fabulous and Joy and her staff are amazing. They are responsive to your smallest need. My life is so much better. Thank you.
Garry R.
18:43 03 Mar 20
Joy is the best, love her!!!
Julie S.
20:09 27 Feb 20
Joy is the best!! I'm so glad I found her again! Beautiful office, wonderful staff, I'll never go anywhere else!!
Todd B.
18:36 14 Feb 20
Joy is great! I highly recommend her. She has been treating me for years and she is the best!!
Shelli G.
23:17 05 Feb 20
Great experience. I would recommend them to friends and family
Liane W.
16:39 28 Jan 20
Always receive excellent personable care from LoveJoy! Joy Melby takes time to listen to my concerns and then works with me for my best results. I’m so thankful for her knowledge and caring ways!
Tomi K.
19:53 10 Jan 20
The staff was above and beyond excellent!! Great place to go
Dawn Dove J.
23:02 07 Jan 20
Love Joy and Paula..compassionate caregivers and the pellets.. speak for themselves. Works for me 😁
Jamie Golden R.
19:45 07 Jan 20
A relaxing friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend. Joy is very down to earth and genuine.
Aaron K.
20:29 04 Jan 20
What an amazing place. They truly desire to help you improve your health and quality of life. They take the time to answer any questions you have. You feel like family and not a number when you leave. Wouldn’t think a clinic would be a fun place but the atmosphere is superb. If you thinking of making a change stop in and get your questions answered and start your new journey to a new and healthier you.
Kelly H.
20:24 04 Jan 20
very kind and caringlpeople
Glenda W.
00:39 24 Dec 19
Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable! They really care!!!
Great people-great results!!!
Cheryl E.
19:09 19 Dec 19
Everybody at the clinic is extremely nice. They all make you feel comfortable and relaxed. This is probably the most awesome clinic I have ever been in. I will recommend this place to all my friends 💖
Nanette B.
07:19 04 Dec 19
If there more Stars to this ? Dr Joy gets those too!I cant say enough about this caring, dedicated, empathic, genuine and positive Womam and...
Clark G.
22:41 20 Nov 19
Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Worked around my crazy schedule. They are awesome.
Diana R.
17:03 16 Nov 19
Life changing! ❤️👍🏼
Valerie P.
20:52 22 Oct 19
I love that Joy takes the time to really dig into every possible hormonal issue and offer solutions. She's been my practitioner for several years and I completely trust her. If something doesn't work, we adjust until it's right. She's always up-to-date on the latest medical research and therapies - a wealth of knowledge!
Siobhan B.
23:19 10 Oct 19
From the minute I walked in the door my experience was great! They are happy to help an explain everything! They listen and try and understand YOU! Both Paula and Joy are great!if your looking for a good hormone clinic, make an appointment with Paula! As a bonus I received a cute coffee cup! Thanks ladies!!
Lori E S.
00:24 14 Sep 19
Best place in the valley to get my hormones in check.
Mary C.
19:05 27 Aug 19
Joy Melby is the BEST! She is professional and compassionate to your hormone issues. She gets the job done so you can enjoy life. Joy uses the best quality pellets that last longer than pellets used by other clinics. Only the best for her patients. She cares about YOU!
Becky G.
00:08 17 Aug 19
Joy is the best of the best! Not only does she care about delivering top of the line service, she is up-to-date on the latest and greatest in her field including products and research. You just don’t find many providers like her anymore and I know this!, I am also a nurse practitioner!
Sandra L.
22:54 17 Jul 19
nothing it is and was wonderful
Antonia V.
20:54 17 Jul 19
Joy is very thorough and asks lots of questions to evaluate your needs.
Sherri Brown S.
17:43 21 Jun 19
I love Joy! I’m so happy to continue as her patient at her new location. She has been with me from the start of my hormonal journey and her personality and honesty will keep me coming back for years to come. Thank you Joy!
Scott T.
21:56 14 Jun 19
Checking in here to support a great friend and a terrific person. Joy Melby is the ultimate professional and this new clinic is the perfect example of that....
Travis N Kalee T.
19:47 03 Jun 19
Great Experience - Joy is awesome, caring, and love her new office - great staff as well!
Wendy L.
20:41 29 May 19
Beautiful office! I’ve been seeing Joy for my hormones for several years now and she is competent, knowledgeable, a good listener and just a sweet lady to be around. The product works!!! 😀
Paige D.
23:44 07 May 19
I’ve been seeing Joy for a few years now and I wouldn’t go to anyone else. Joy is thorough, knowledgeable, friendly and takes the time to speak with you. I would recommend Joy to family, friends and anyone that is thinking about hormone replacement therapy.
Sharon Larson L.
15:30 29 Apr 19
Joy has years of experience and listens to her patients. I trust her with my hormone therapy.
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