Patient Referral Program

We know that LoveJoy Hormone Clinic is making a big difference in your life. Right?

Our goal is to help as many people as we can to feel the way you feel. However, the best way to do this is for our patients to refer their friends and family!

Advertising works too…but there is nothing better than to share with your friends why you feel so great. But, your friends and family need to find out what their requirements are for an optimized hormone life or weight loss program.

So…to make it easy for you and your friends/family, we have created a “digital” way for you to refer them to us. All you have to do is provide your Full name (First and Last name) plus your e-mail address. We will e-mail you within a few minutes your own digital referral card. You simply save the image to your computer or phone and send it to a friend. It’s that simple. If you lose it, just come back to this page, fill out the info, and we will send you another one.

It takes effort for you to refer your friends. So to make this easier, we will credit your records with a $30 referral credit. This will be applied when your friend or family member checks out after their FREE consultation and paying for their first Hormone Therapy Visit. The cool thing is that they will receive $30 off from their FIRST visit too!

$30 New Patient Referral Program

All you have to do is fill out the card below and we will e-mail you the referral image (within minutes). Once you receive the e-mail, save the image to your phone or computer. Any time you meet someone that are interested, send them the image and they can call for their FREE Consultation. It is a win for you, a win for your friend/family, and it helps us at LoveJoy Hormone Clinic change the world around us!

Please note: Don’t forget to check your SPAM inbox. Save as a safe domain so you can receive all of our e-mails directly.

$30 Patient Referral Program

Enter your FULL NAME and e-mail address. We will send you our NEW Patient referral card.  It's a digital way to help others and you!

* Please allow up to 15 minutes to receive your automatic referral card.

Share this with your friends/famly via email, social media, or print.