Hormone Imbalance Start Here

Understanding hormonal imbalance for both women and men is important. Here is why:

As we age, hormones naturally decrease. Especially for women over 40 and men over 50 years old. Hormone imbalance can happen at any age and for a multitude of reasons.

Do you have any of theses symptoms?

Lack of Energy - Lack of Focus (brain fog) - No Motivation

Moody or Cranky – Hot Flashes
Restless or Can’t sleep – Waking up in the Middle of the night
No Libido!

Is your answer “YES” to any of the above symptoms? If so, you may be deficient in one or more hormones. The only way of knowing is by having a blood lab panel drawn that will identify what your current levels are. Make your appointment today!

Get your labs drawn right here at our clinic. We can then schedule your FREE Consultation with one of our Hormone Expert medical providers. They can discuss with you treatment plan options that are right for you and with NO Obligation.

Call us at (480) 795-7721

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Ask questions and if you are ready, our New Patient Coordinator will create a blood lab order (in house or wherever you choose) and schedule a FREE consultation with one of our Hormone Expert Providers to discuss your specific hormone levels.

Still not sure? We can send you our FREE Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) eBook that explains everything you need to know about BHRT. Simply fill out the information below and it will be on it’s way to your e-mail inbox.

This booklet was created by LoveJoy Hormone Clinic especially for you and our existing patients. You will know much more about why you feel the way you do before hormone therapy and why you feel so great after treatment. It was written in an easy to read format and expertly explained by our medical director.

Curious about what others think about our clinic? Check out Social reviews below!

Our expert knowledge about Hormone Therapy in this E-book!


With our FREE BHRT E-book for both Men and Women.

Our LoveJoy Hormone Clinic Reviews

Deanna S.
10:25 11 May 20
Highly recommend this clinic. The doctor is very thoughtful & caring. And the front Office Manager, Michele, is great with followup & details. I felt very...
Karen B.
21:54 01 May 20
Fast efficient and the pellets work
Kristin Carnibucci P.
21:31 01 May 20
I always look forward to my appointments wit Joy. Her clinic is professional and everyone is courteous. Never a complaint!
Julia Chesser V.
04:13 21 Apr 20
Love this place! They were easy to talk to and discuss options of hormone therapy. After one set of hormone replacement pellets I feel so much better! It is so wonderful to get a good nights sleep and have energy to get things done. After 65 both of these are tough to find!
Anna W.
18:57 17 Apr 20
Joy Melby is such a joy to be around. She takes the time to listen to your needs with Hormone issues and weight lost and gets you on track to meet your goals. I would recommend her clinic to any woman or man who wants to start feeling energetic and young again.
Norma I.
20:48 16 Apr 20
Their office was easy to find. Michelle, at the front desk was very friendly and courteous. The doctor took her time to explain everything AND to answer questions, address concerns. All this and the cherry on top were their prices... EXCELLENT! Very affordable!!!
Ann H.
04:00 10 Apr 20
They are the best ❣️So nice and helpful in so many ways, I’m so glad a friend recommended her office, I tell everyone to go there. You will not be disappointed at all, nice location easy to find😊
Dawn G.
17:48 02 Apr 20
Very nice and caring staff. Lovely looking office, very clean, warm and inviting.
Randall R.
23:35 20 Mar 20
Professional services in a comfortable and inviting environment. Dr Melby is warm and explains the process with great compassion and a genuine desire to help others achieve optimal outcomes!
Dene M.
19:04 13 Mar 20
I’ve known Joy for several years and am so delighted to have reconnected at LoveJoy Hormone Clinic. So excited and looking forward to getting my hormones straightened out and lose weight 🤗❤️🙏🏻
Rashawn W.
07:19 13 Mar 20
The clinic is fabulous and Joy and her staff are amazing. They are responsive to your smallest need. My life is so much better. Thank you.
Garry R.
18:43 03 Mar 20
Joy is the best, love her!!!
Julie S.
20:09 27 Feb 20
Joy is the best!! I'm so glad I found her again! Beautiful office, wonderful staff, I'll never go anywhere else!!
Jacque F.
20:45 19 Feb 20
Cathryn C.
22:06 17 Feb 20
I have been seen doctor Joy when she worked at her other practice for many years. She is truly an expert at hormone replacement.
carmen M.
23:22 15 Feb 20
Joy and her staff are EXCEPTIONAL! Professional and fun mixed together. I have full confidence in Joy. I have been going to her for several years, even before she branched out on her own. If you want to change your overall well being/feeling, shed some pounds, this is where you want to invest your time, $ and health!!
Todd B.
18:36 14 Feb 20
Joy is great! I highly recommend her. She has been treating me for years and she is the best!!
04:17 08 Feb 20
Joy is an amazing doc! I would highly recommend her.
Shelli G.
23:17 05 Feb 20
Great experience. I would recommend them to friends and family
Christine B.
19:55 31 Jan 20
The staff are all amazing. The hormone therapy is life changing. Don't wait another minute. You won't regret it!
Liane W.
16:39 28 Jan 20
Always receive excellent personable care from LoveJoy! Joy Melby takes time to listen to my concerns and then works with me for my best results. I’m so thankful for her knowledge and caring ways!
Wendy L.
23:42 23 Jan 20
Joy and all the practitioners and staff are the best!! I always feel very welcome and cared about in this clinic! Very knowledgeable staff!
Mike C.
19:09 16 Jan 20
Tomi K.
19:53 10 Jan 20
The staff was above and beyond excellent!! Great place to go
Sharon N.
00:41 10 Jan 20
Robin B.
21:31 09 Jan 20
Dawn Dove J.
23:02 07 Jan 20
Love Joy and Paula..compassionate caregivers and the pellets.. speak for themselves. Works for me 😁
Jamie Golden R.
19:45 07 Jan 20
A relaxing friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend. Joy is very down to earth and genuine.
Aaron Daniel K.
20:29 04 Jan 20
What an amazing place. They truly desire to help you improve your health and quality of life. They take the time to answer any questions you have. You feel like family and not a number when you leave. Wouldn’t think a clinic would be a fun place but the atmosphere is superb. If you thinking of making a change stop in and get your questions answered and start your new journey to a new and healthier you.
Kelly H.
20:24 04 Jan 20
very kind and caringlpeople
Aaron K.
20:23 04 Jan 20
Wonderful, knowledgeable people that really care for you healthcare improvement. Will spend the time to share and listen to your questions. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Carol E.
20:23 02 Jan 20
Glenda W.
00:39 24 Dec 19
Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable! They really care!!! Great people-great results!!!
Cheryl E.
19:09 19 Dec 19
Everybody at the clinic is extremely nice. They all make you feel comfortable and relaxed. This is probably the most awesome clinic I have ever been in. I will recommend this place to all my friends 💖
Diane B.
16:35 17 Dec 19
Everyone is so nice and educated on the hormones etc..
zie E.
20:43 11 Dec 19
Heather C.
19:37 11 Dec 19
Nanette B.
07:19 04 Dec 19
If there more Stars to this ? Dr Joy gets those too!I cant say enough about this caring, dedicated, empathic, genuine and positive Womam and...
Sue R.
23:09 02 Dec 19
Joy always has time for her patients. Love the LoveJoy Hormone Clinic. It changed my life.
Patty V.
21:05 02 Dec 19
Lois H.
22:51 26 Nov 19
Excellent! Love her new location! Would follow her anywhere! So professional and such a great provider in her field! I think everyone needs to go in for her free consult she is offering. It could be a life changer! Her name of her clinic is spot on! Love Joy!!
Lois H.
22:48 26 Nov 19
Excellent! Love her new location! Would follow her anywhere! So professional and such a great provider in her field! I think everyone needs to go in for her free consult she is offering. It could be a life changer! Her name of her clinic is spot on! Love Joy!!
Sandra P.
22:48 22 Nov 19
I am so happy to have found Lovejoy clinic. After doing hormones for 10 years I have not had a better experience then I had with this place.
Clark G.
22:41 20 Nov 19
Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Worked around my crazy schedule. They are awesome.
John M.
22:03 19 Nov 19
Staff is friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, the Clinic is neat and clean. A very pleasant experience. The result of my treatments are amazing! I highly recommend LoveJoy Clinic
Cheryl E.
20:31 19 Nov 19
Diana R.
17:03 16 Nov 19
Life changing! ❤️👍🏼#sweetpotato
Debra G.
01:25 05 Nov 19
I enJOY the personalized care I receive from Joy and her staff. Problem-solving issues related to HRT such as sleep, energy, weight and self care just are not addressed with other practitioners. Thank you LoveJoy Clinic. Deb Gion
Heather K.
23:21 01 Nov 19
Shelli S.
20:20 29 Oct 19
More than just a provider. Joy makes sure all around health is good and provides many options. Very knowledgeable and great office staff!. Thanks Joy!
Heather B.
22:21 26 Oct 19
Valerie P.
20:52 22 Oct 19
I love that Joy takes the time to really dig into every possible hormonal issue and offer solutions. She's been my practitioner for several years and I completely trust her. If something doesn't work, we adjust until it's right. She's always up-to-date on the latest medical research and therapies - a wealth of knowledge!
M R.
21:24 16 Oct 19
Siobhan B.
23:19 10 Oct 19
From the minute I walked in the door my experience was great! They are happy to help an explain everything! They listen and try and understand YOU! Both Paula and Joy are great!if your looking for a good hormone clinic, make an appointment with Paula! As a bonus I received a cute coffee cup! Thanks ladies!!
sharon J.
02:55 02 Oct 19
Patsie B
00:25 28 Sep 19
Lori E S.
00:24 14 Sep 19
Best place in the valley to get my hormones in check.
Mark F.
17:11 13 Sep 19
Joy has been my provider for 5 years. I highly recommend Joy and the LoveJoy clinic. Joy takes a personal interest in my needs and the clinic is very welcoming.
Jamarys H.
17:30 12 Sep 19
Joy is amazing. She cares about her patients and will answer any and all questions
Scooter S.
02:51 06 Sep 19
Mary C.
19:05 27 Aug 19
Joy Melby is the BEST! She is professional and compassionate to your hormone issues. She gets the job done so you can enjoy life. Joy uses the best quality pellets that last longer than pellets used by other clinics. Only the best for her patients. She cares about YOU!
Denise M.
22:40 21 Aug 19
I love LoveJoy Clinic!! I'm a new patient and feel like an old friend, Joy and her staff are friendly, knowledgeable and fast! I'm "over 40" so my hormones are all over the place; Joy knew EXACTLY what to do and I am on my way to feeling better already!
Becky G.
00:08 17 Aug 19
Joy is the best of the best! Not only does she care about delivering top of the line service, she is up-to-date on the latest and greatest in her field including products and research. You just don’t find many providers like her anymore and I know this!, I am also a nurse practitioner!
Lori C.
15:55 16 Aug 19
Joy's been keeping me balanced for the last few years. She's one of those rare medical practitioners whose bedside manner is as excellent as her industry knowledge. Great energy - relates very well to both men and women.
Sandra L.
22:54 17 Jul 19
nothing it is and was wonderful
Antonia P.
20:54 17 Jul 19
Joy is very thorough and asks lots of questions to evaluate your needs.
Linda V.
02:18 17 Jul 19
This was my first experience with hormone therapy, and it was very pleasant. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their health.
Jennifer A.
23:18 16 Jul 19
Joy was just awesome! She has given me hope. I'll let you know how it goes in a few weeks.
Chelsea G.
18:28 09 Jul 19
Joy is attentive and amazing. She genuinely wants to make you feel like your best self!
Deb G.
22:42 08 Jul 19
I have been a patient of Joy for 5+ years and had a great experience visiting Joy’s new LOVEJOY CLINIC! It is beautiful, and Joy, as always, was happy to see me, informative and flexible. Right on time. Hormone pellets are the way to go!! Deb
Sherri Brown S.
17:43 21 Jun 19
I love Joy! I’m so happy to continue as her patient at her new location. She has been with me from the start of my hormonal journey and her personality and honesty will keep me coming back for years to come. Thank you Joy!
Sherri S.
17:40 21 Jun 19
I love Joy and I’m so happy to continue as her patient at her new location. She’s been with me from the start of my hormonal journey, and always aware of my needs. Her personality and love for what she does will keep me coming back for years to come. Thank you Joy!
Merrill O.
07:40 20 Jun 19
Scott T.
21:56 14 Jun 19
Checking in here to support a great friend and a terrific person. Joy Melby is the ultimate professional and this new clinic is the perfect example of that....
Travis N Kalee T.
19:47 03 Jun 19
Great Experience - Joy is awesome, caring, and love her new office - great staff as well!
Kalee T.
19:46 03 Jun 19
Great Experience - Joy is awesome, caring, and love her new office - great staff as well!
Wendy L.
20:41 29 May 19
Beautiful office! I’ve been seeing Joy for my hormones for several years now and she is competent, knowledgeable, a good listener and just a sweet lady to be around. The product works!!! 😀
Revolution M.
16:43 27 May 19
Kelly K.
19:41 17 May 19
I found her! Just when I thought I’d have to find another hormone doctor all over again, Fate stepped in and found Joy Melby for me! I was seeing her for hormone treatment at her previous clinic, but when Joy left to open her own clinic, I was told she “resigned” in a very negative way. Now what?? I finally found a great hormone specialist who cares and now she’s gone. Sitting in my truck after a scary appointment at a new hormone office vowing not to go back and BAM! I looked up and realized I just happened to be parked right outside Joy’s new office. What are the chances of that?? It was a sign that when something really is supposed to be, the universe makes it happen. I’ve had some scary experiences with other doctors. You don’t mess with your hormones so I don’t trust just anyone. But I do entrust Joy Melby with my care because the universe said to, lol 👍🏻
Marie C.
21:09 11 May 19
Paige D.
23:44 07 May 19
I’ve been seeing Joy for a few years now and I wouldn’t go to anyone else. Joy is thorough, knowledgeable, friendly and takes the time to speak with you. I would recommend Joy to family, friends and anyone that is thinking about hormone replacement therapy.
Sharon Larson L.
15:30 29 Apr 19
Joy has years of experience and listens to her patients. I trust her with my hormone therapy.