The difference we offer is experience and expertise in hormonal therapy.   Our Managing Nurse Practitioner –  Joy Melby, NP-C – is an expert in hormone therapy, diabetes management, and listening to what her patients needs are.  Expert in hormone therapy for both men and women.
Joy Melby, NP-C
Joy Melby, NP-CManaging Nurse Practitioner

What does NP-C mean?

It means Joy is actively and nationally certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board as a Family Nurse Practitioner since 2004.  This certification demonstrates commitment to the highest of standards for the Nursing Profession.

Prior to working as a NP, Joy graduated from Arizona State University College of Nursing with her BSN in 1996 and worked as a RN providing care in and out of the hospital setting.

For years, Joy like most providers in Internal Medicine prescribed and treated hormones for patients with pills, creams, patches, troches and shots. The results were sub-par and not great. “But that was then and this is now!”

Joy now chooses to focus on delivering care in her own clinic and chooses the treatment that really makes a difference in the quality of patient’s lives.

You may ask yourself, Why should I go to this clinic when there are a lot of choices available?

Joy Melby has performed thousands of pellet insertions since 2013.  This experience makes her an expert in the field of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).  Few medical providers rival her expertise in North America making her a highly sought after specialist to assist people in their hormone deficiency needs.

Since that time Joy has performed thousands of pellet insertions per year and treats both men and women. There is a certain art to this specialty of medicine and with hormonal therapy it has to customized to the patient to be done the right way for the best results.

Many people have symptoms of hormonal deficiency and have been prompted by friends or family to look into hormone therapy.  LoveJoy Clinic would be happy to help you save a lot of valuable time and money.  There is currently no easier form of therapy that is validated by blood results and resolution of symptoms of deficiency.

  • If you have received pellets in the past please contact the clinic at (480) 795-7721 to schedule your appointment. Please be prepared to provide your most recent lab results or we can request them for you when you call.
  • If you have never received hormones and are interested in attending a FREE informational session or are ready for an in depth evaluation with blood work analysis please call the clinic at (480) 795-7721 to book an appointment and get a lab order.
  • Women’s blood results usually are done in a day and men’s results can take a week.


Q: How long does the procedure take?
A: The simple in office pellet procedure for women is done in a minute and for men about 3 minutes. There is little discomfort for a few days and activity will need to be decreased for a few days to ensure the best result.

Q: How often will I need to come in for treatment?

A: Women are typically seen every 3-4 months.  Men are typically seen every 5-6 months.

Q: When should I start hormonal therapy?

A: The earlier the better! Typically women will start to experience symptoms of deficiency around age 40. Men typically around age 50.

How long until I feel results from the pellets?

A: Within 1-2 weeks you will start to feel a difference and results will last for months

How much does it cost?

A:  Women pay $250-300 depending on the dose of pellets. Men pay $500-700 depending on the dose of pellets

Do you have any payment plans for the pellets?

A: Following payment of the first set of pellets, LoveJoy Clinic has payment plan options.

I always recommend to try it once.  It very well may be the best money ever spent! – Joy Melby, NP-C

Q: Is it covered by my Insurance?

A: Not yet.  If you have a Healthcare Savings Account you can use it at LoveJoy Clinic.

Q: Am I too old for hormones?

A: You are never too old to feel better.

Q: At what age do I need to stop getting hormones?

A: There is no age cut off.  You may continue to be on pellet therapy for the rest of your life.

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