Often, we become encased in a life revolving around career, family, and errands to support those around us. However, your body and mind tie hand in hand together. When one area of your life lacks, everything else tends to follow. It is time to prioritize time to take care of yourself and it all begins with your body. Working out and eating nutritional food is not necessarily enjoyable and effortless, but it is essential. Lacking motivation and discipline to become healthy are leading reasons which begin the journey down a slippery slope of becoming comfortable with the easy parts of life. But with a few simple steps, you are weeks away from getting right into the groove of a cycle that will lead you back to a healthy state of mind and body.

Step One: Dedicate ONE hour of your day to getting to the gym or a certain form of cardio.

Commonly, whenever I ask people how often they exercise, both men and women always say, “I just don’t have any time”. But this is nothing other than an excuse. We all have the same 24 hours in our day to work with. The difference is that you are not prioritizing your time correctly, whether it be an hour of watching television or playing your favorite phone game (i.e. Candy crush). A solution to dedicating this hour of time can be achieved by applying your extra hour of beauty sleep in the morning or that hour of reading those articles which genuinely don’t benefit you in anyway to getting out of the house and moving.

Step Two: What are the benefits of cardio?

Open those lungs and breathe. According to the article, Calories burned in 30 minutes for people of three different weights, “In 30 minutes: Running at a pace for a 10 min/mile, you can burn anywhere from 300-444 calories. And utilizing the Elliptical trainer, you can burn anywhere from 270-400” (Harvard Health). It may not seem like much at first glance, but by taking the time to complete these forms of exercise for 30 minutes, you are burning more than you would within a full day without exercise. By exercising for merely an hour, you allow yourself more breathing room to focus on the tasks you cannot avoid without the worry of consistently gaining weight and demoralizing your self-perception. Cardio workouts may not be appealing due to requiring a constant effort of movement, however the article, From Head to Toe: The Benefits of a Cardio Workout, “ The brain is affected by an increase of blood flow, the lungs help reduce fatigue and shortness of breath, and it helps you maintain a healthy weight by burning more calories throughout the day” (Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic). From physical health benefits to mental health benefits, cardio workouts are proven to help in almost all aspects of life. Opening your lungs and increasing your cardiovascular health provides an abundant increase in your well being that is too essential to procrastinate.

In 30 minutes: Running at a pace for a 10 min/mile, you can burn anywhere from 300-444 calories. And utilizing the Elliptical trainer, you can burn anywhere from 270-400. ~Harvard Health

Step Three: Take initiative

Every day is another opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and accomplish the tasks that you desire. Just as there is no time like the present to do something, in order to achieve your goals, you must set out and complete them. By taking initiative today, you can make sure that you are on your way to building a successful habit that will continue to benefit you in the future. Would you like our FREE personal fitness schedule as a guide? This schedule is a great place to start to build a routine. Just think, when you choose to receive this FREE guide….you have already started to Achieve Your Fitness Goals! By the way, don’t forget to reward yourself each week by doing something fun. Grab a cup of coffee, go to the movies, or maybe, just maybe, grab a slice of pie at your favorite Diner!

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